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Cohiba Behike - Limited Edition

The world’s most expensive cigar

Cohiba, a brand which has given us ultra-fine options now brings in what might be the world’s most expensive cigar: limited edition Cohiba ‘Behike’ cigar. The Limited Edition Cohiba Behike Cigar box is a perfect gift for the connoisseur. Priced at $18,846 for a box of 40, or $420 for each, these cigars have been prepared with a special blend of Cuban tobacco, which itself is a secret like most of the fine variety in this segment.

XXX___ImgTitle-Text___XXXSpecially made inside the El Laguito Cohiba factory, the Cohiba Behike Cigar was perfectly blended from various tobaccos grown in Pinar del Rio and Vuelto Abajo regions of Cuba. Apart from the rare breed of tobacco, it has also been revealed that each of the cigars has actually been rolled by hand, by Norma Fernandez Torcedora, the personal roller to former Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Available from the Casa del Habano stores, the cigar (192mm length – ring 52) is stored in a custom-made container with a mini-humidifiers to keep its flavor alive. A total of 4,000 cigars or 100 humidors have been released. That stocks might not last too long. So connoisseurs are definitely advised to rush in their orders.


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